Terms of Use

The terms of use described here apply to travel requests published on NOURLAND and to the conduct of those who are registered as users of our website. All users (whether Client or Bidder, or User or Requestor) must agree with these terms of use before completing the registration process.

  1. The data required both for the registration of Clients or Bidders, as well as for Users or Requestors, must be completed with accurate information.
  2. NOURLAND cannot control each and every one of the published requests, so it shall not assume responsibility for the content thereof. However, it periodically reviews the published travel requests to ensure compliance with these terms of use. If you observe any NOURLAND content that is inappropriate or which does not comply with these terms, please do not hesitate to contact us at
  3. Whether you are a User or Requestor or a Client or Requestor, you should know that NOURLAND is not involved in the negotiations related to trips published on the website.
  4. Protect your password. If other people misuse NOURLAND by using your account you will run the risk of losing access to the service. We recommend that you do not use your username as your password.
  5. NOURLAND, after notifying the user, reserves the right to block any accounts that register requests, answer requests in bulk, or in short, which abuse the service. All requests must be legally valid.
  6. NOURLAND shall not accept requests
    • which discriminate based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, or any other personal or social circumstance;
    • which are related to the adult entertainment industry or night life;
    • which include the registration of minors without the supervision of a parent or guardian.
    • which may be subject to deception or involve any illicit behaviour in accordance with the current EU framework.
  7. NOURLAND does not allow the inclusion of requests that damage the quality of the service. It is prohibited to include duplicate requests, or requests with contact information in the description of said request, as well as URLs, which redirect the user to another web page.
  8. All information contained in the requests must be clear and concise.
  9. Any User who enters a request that goes against current legislations shall be solely responsible for any damages and consequences arising therefrom, and NOURLAND shall be exempt from any liability.
  10. NOURLAND does not allow the diffusion of unauthorised commercial e-mails. The accounts of users involved in this activity will be suspended.

Clients or Bidders, Users or Requestors, or travel requests which violate any of these conditions will be removed from the website. The interpretation of these terms of use is at the sole discretion of NOURLAND. The regulations can be modified at any time without the necessity of prior warning or notification.


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